Strategy Clothing Inc. was founded in the year 2000 by Erick Washington. A Maryland based company which started out manufacturing its first line of clothing called Asa Kane. This line retailed in 15 local stores, then moved on to become a promotional outlet, which started printing garments for local businesses. In 2014 Erick moved to Orange County California where he had an idea to create this one- of-a-kind brand. In 2016 while doing so he noticed the homeless population even more in California than his home state of Maryland. This made him more determined to bring his idea to life so that he could help those less fortunate. “I want to leave a legacy by give back to the world”. With every purchase, you will be helping Eye Wear Apparel, assist  kids and young adults with their eye care needs. We will also like to feeding and sheltering the homeless.

” So you too can get involved.”