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If your tired of leaving your glasses in places or sitting on them by mistake. You don’t need magnetic clips or stick them in the neck of your shirt. Eyewear Apparel has solve this issue for you. You can now just slide one arm in the stitched compartment in the left chest of the shirt. This is a more comfortable and fashionable way to hold your glasses. All of our products are made from the highest quality material. Skateboarders, Surfers, Bikers,Hikers, people of all walks of life can now wear their glasses on them in style. We also have our own line of sunglasses for men and women. Ericas, E-Dubbs and The Aviators are our first collection. These stylish lenses will make you look  great with all of our apparel. So remember. ” The Future Is Yours… Never Lose Sight.”

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